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6th Ideal Interiors Expo 2015 at Oshwal Centre Nairobi Kenya

Newmatic Eco Kitchen Appliances., a globally renowned and a leading Singaporean Eco-kitchen built in appliances are delighted to showcase their fabulous product range consisting of island and robotic hoods, gas hobs & multi-function oven, featuring trendy and sophisticated designs with classy performance.
Our products are aesthetically perfected by leading experts from twenty different countries giving us exact quality & features demanded by social and cultural settings.
Our aim is to create products that are novel and environmentally responsible. We are determined to make appliances that do not compromise to be green “Says Behram Baluch CEO NEWMATIC Africa Limited”
Starting from scratch, we take a fresh new look at new technologies, techniques, production methods, materials and especially eliminating outdated, redundant features that the consumer do not use nowadays in order to deliver the green promise, ease of maintenance and installation, and high value for money.
NEWMATIC is now available in more than 18 countries around the world with Nairobi Kenya as its regional Africa headquarters.

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